Currently in survival mode over here! Welcomed baby #4 two weeks ago. Need to keep reminding myself of these instructions! In the meantime, BRB once I get a chance to catch my breath XO

That moment……Part II

During the mid 1900’s, psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe patterns or connections between certain events or things not explained by causality, or in more simpler terms ‘meaningful coincidences.’ Whether you believe in synchronicity or not, we have all had moments in our lives that make us question the peculiar timing of things or events. I am a firm believer that if you are following the path that you are meant to be on, the more you [...]

My mom, sister, and I - 1983

That moment…..Part I

In talking with a good friend, it was decided that my first blog post should detail the moment when I realized helping others heal was my passion. This of course opened a Pandora’s box since I can’t think of one defining moment when that may have occurred. What I can say though is that in hindsight, I can see clearly now how it all came to be and how each choice, each individual, each “teacher”, each lesson, each obstacle [...]


WELCOME! First before I go off on any tangents, I just want to go over my intentions for this blog: Get to know each other better Share information about all things Sage & Soul Discuss healthy habits, food, my ever expanding ‘favorite things’, trends, myths, fears, and other lifestyle ‘experiments’ Balance – family, life, energy – all of it! Random sources of inspiration Anything and everything else that comes up along the way! It is meant to be lighthearted and fun, but just as in life, [...]