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During the open house last week, I had a table set up with a zillion of my favorite books and a basket full of some of my favorite beauty items, giving some insider knowledge on what keeps me going……or glowing for that matter and things I really luuuuuurve using on a daily basis.

Here goes 1-5 (in no particular order):

1. Good Medicine Beauty Labs – Ashes

Labeled as ‘reincarnation cleansing grains’, I was a little skeptical at first, as it seemed kinda high mai, but once I started using it I was hooked. It’s essentially a powdered facial cleanser that you dump into your hand (with the scoop provided), add water, then apply the foamy

mixture to your face and scrub.  I use it almost every time I shower and just love it. Just be careful not to compromise the powder and keep the lid on once you’re done scooping.

2. True Natural Anti-aging Perfect Tan – Facial Self-tanner & Moisturizer 2 in 1

The number 1 thing people comment most on in terms of my looks is – MY TAN – ‘How are you so tan!’ ‘You’re tan looks so great!’…….I wish I could take credit and say it was my Mediterranean roots, but sadly that would be a lie.  I also wish I could let go of my tan addiction, but I just can’t…..(and oh how I’ve tried)…. at least these days I can safely fake it. This formula isn’t overly dark, it’s a very natural look and especially great for wintertime when other self-tanners can look too harsh. I also blend with my regular daytime serum and SPF too so that helps the color dissipate too.  All True Natural products claim to be cruelty-free and 100% free from harmful chemical ingredients. That’s enough of a win for me. (Note: they do also have a self-tanner for the body that gives awesome color, BUT it’s more of a production, as it’s thick, sticky and has a much stronger odor….so it’s more of a bedtime thing if you’re willing to take the time to do it)

3. True Botanicals – Fresh Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Light, fresh smell, color-friendly and only the good stuff as ingredients (like green tea and meadowfoam sea oil – whatever that is!). And does actually lather though which has always been the thing I miss most from non-SLS containing hair products.

4. Schmidt’s – Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant

Ugh! The world of dud ‘all natural’ deodorants. I could fill a small aisle with the ones sitting under my vanity sink right now (along with the ‘all natural’ toothpastes). BUT this one smells sooooo good and does actually work (when you remember to use it and re-apply – my apologies to those in early spin class last week!!!). Anyway, do yourself and your health a favor and make the switch to this….OH they do have other scents too, including more masculine ones, but this one is my favorite.

5. Sage & Soul Apothecary – Dew It All Day Hydrating Face & Body Mist

Ok, I may be biased, but this stuff is the s*&%… very own rosewater hydrating & toning creation. Fresh off the heels of my inspiring summer home with four kids (and it doesn’t even contain any vodka!), this one has been taking the cake with me lately.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but as much as I love the autumn/winter weather, the serious drop in humidity has my skin looking less peachy and more like the pile of ashes in our fire pit. However, a spritz of this here and there throughout the day has me back in business – think that ‘oh I just finished up my hot yoga class’ look….packed with white rose water, witch hazel, helichrysum (hella who?!), green tea extract and some other goodies……heavy hitting anti-inflammatory properties help tone & hydrate, maintain skin pH balance and it’s also chock full of antioxidants to help protect against those nasty free radicals. Spritz on and pat dry after washing and before moisturizing am/pm. (Available at the Shawn Paul Salon! Or by messaging me!)

So there you have HALF of it…….stay tuned for the rest…..

Peace!! And don’t forget to breathe and take some time for yourself this week!


Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for any of these ‘endorsements’, as I have no idea how that works and would rather just spread the love and share my joy of these things – however, for the amount of people I’ve referred for my self-tanning products, they really should be paying me at this point!


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You know her life was saved by rock n’ roll…. Thu, 16 Nov 2017 21:26:15 +0000 Holidays are heeeeerrrrreeee!! Which means I have started running around like a crazy person, getting ready for holiday sales and open houses. WHICH I LOVE. Ask anyone close to me and they will tell you that I find an abnormal amount of joy in curating gift baskets and gift sets, especially when they are full of Sage & Soul goodies; however, it does create a lot of work and requires time, which there is of course never enough of….

BUT to help counteract that frenetic energy, these last few weeks I have been trying to do more things not only for myself, but things that truly truly bring me joy. And the one thing that is guaranteed to fill my cup of joy……… seeing live music.

So in a two week span, I have managed to squeeze in 4 shows (prompting my husband to ask when I would be back from Fall Tour). First was the rock-tastic long time staple of the jam scene, Umphrey’s McGee; one of the original gospel slinging DIVAs of all time, Mavis Staples, still nailing it at 78 years old; the Nobel prize-winning-history-changing songwriting genius that is Bob Dylan; as well as the southern jamming fusion of folk and rock band known as the Chris Robinson Brotherhood (CRB). All shows equally awesome in their own right.

Was I still busy every day? Yes. Was I tired the next day after the shows? Yes. But I knew immediately when CRB began their encore playing the opening riff to The Velvet Underground’s Rock & Roll (a song also frequently covered by one of my obsessively favorite bands, Phish) and my eyes and face lit up like Christmas and my cup of joy began to overflow, that I had made the right decision to indulge my time into the soul-saving grace of some good ole fashioned rock n roll.

Peace! Make sure you fill that cup!!!

Jenny said when she was just five years old
There was nothing happening at all
Every time she puts on a radio
There was a nothin’ goin’ down at all, not at all
Then one fine mornin’ she puts on a New York station
You know, she couldn’t believe what she heard at all
She started shakin’ to that fine fine music
You know her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll

Despite all the amputations
You know you could just go out
And dance to a rock ‘n’ roll station

It was alright
It was allright

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I’m baaaaack! Thu, 19 Oct 2017 20:07:20 +0000 Dude, I’m baaaaaaack! And even feeling like a real human! Time to make more time for myself and of course S&S…

Life happenings since I’ve been ‘out’:

  • I’ve reformulated many of my blends and also created a few new ones. I’ll review and introduce some in my next post, but if you can’t wait until then, you can pop over to the Shawn Paul Salon and see for yourself!!!


  • AUMMMMMMMM…………….I’ve also been delving deeper into vibrational healing using sound…… awesome and perfect addition to your next session. I’ll be sampling some techniques soon with clients to get feedback and then start offering on a regular basis.


  • Also we now officially own every gadget possible, thanks to my husband’s addiction to technology (which I thought ended with magic sleep trackers, beer dispensers, hoverboards, suitcases with wi-fi/bluetooth (why??),etc.) – oh but this one takes the ‘cake’ – literally. Our Sunday ritual of homemade pancakes has now been upstaged by a pancake making robot. Sadly, my children are no longer impressed by my Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes – now they can dine on pancakes shaped like the Eiffel tower, storm troopers, Snoop Dog and of course when the mood calls, ‘The Dude’ abides….

  • OH and you know…….SURVIVING, raising 4 kids, and loving on this sweet thang….Ms. M 🙂
(photo cred Jane Ryan Photography)

Talk soon!:)



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BRB!!! Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:17:07 +0000 Currently in survival mode over here! Welcomed baby #4 two weeks ago. Need to keep reminding myself of these instructions! In the meantime, BRB once I get a chance to catch my breath XO

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That moment……Part II Tue, 11 Apr 2017 01:48:27 +0000 During the mid 1900’s, psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe patterns or connections between certain events or things not explained by causality, or in more simpler terms ‘meaningful coincidences.’ Whether you believe in synchronicity or not, we have all had moments in our lives that make us question the peculiar timing of things or events.

I am a firm believer that if you are following the path that you are meant to be on, the more you will notice these ‘meaningful coincidences’ appearing in your life.

So there I was, spring of 2012, living with my in-laws while waiting for our new house to be finished, working full time and raising a toddler. That summer was rough. It felt like we couldn’t catch a break – we had multiple deals fall through on the home we were trying to sell, I had suffered a traumatic miscarriage that almost cost me my life, and my husband’s health was also in question due to a series of odd scares.  As a means of coping, I started to focus more on running as an outlet, and of course my yoga practice. The upside is that everything that had happened made me realize how finite life can be and motivated me to stop putting things off that I had been contemplating for years. I applied for grad school after several years of debating my next career move and finally started researching yoga teacher training programs.

Unfortunately, most of the local yoga training programs I came across would require me to be away from my family for an entire weekend each month for almost a year. As a working mom, I already had enough guilt being away every single day, there was no way that I could justify additional time away from my family. I cherished my weekends with them.

Then one day at work I was talking to a fellow yogi in passing and she mentioned she had taken a class at Cleveland State and she was on her way to start teaching. I later came to find out this ‘class’ was a training offered through a company called YogaFit and was just being hosted at Cleveland State.  So I researched and found that YogaFit offers trainings all over the country and you can complete each level of training at your own pace toward your 200 hours. YES! This was exactly what I needed. No pressure to complete in 9 months (or sometimes less) and I could choose the times that would work best for our family and budget. I immediately signed up for the next Level I course being offered in Ohio.

As my training weekend was approaching, my husband once again had another health scare and ended up going to the hospital. There was no way I could leave for my training with everything that was going on. I would always put family first, but I still couldn’t help but feel defeated. Was this a sign? Maybe this wasn’t the right time for me to start my training?  So I cancelled my training and instead signed up for the Race for the Cure team for work that weekend. I would bring my son and I could push him in the jogger and we would run together.

To keep my spirits up that morning of the race, I rolled out one of my yoga mats outside in the grass and began to practice………

and there it was……right in the corner of my mat, one that I had been using in my rotation literally for the last 9 years and never once, ever noticed this little sticker until that day.


I looked up to the sky, smiled and just laughed and laughed and laughed.


I rescheduled my training for the following month.


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That moment…..Part I Tue, 04 Apr 2017 01:46:10 +0000 In talking with a good friend, it was decided that my first blog post should detail the moment when I realized helping others heal was my passion. This of course opened a Pandora’s box since I can’t think of one defining moment when that may have occurred. What I can say though is that in hindsight, I can see clearly now how it all came to be and how each choice, each individual, each “teacher”, each lesson, each obstacle and opportunity led to another doorway and how each successive door helped me to really listen to my intuition and finally follow my heart, even if it didn’t make sense at the time.

I do think it’s safe to say that my connection to subtleties of energy and understanding that there is much more to this universe than meets the eye, are in fact in my blood. Here is a picture from 1983 of me with my mom and my older sister, Beth.  I recall from a young age – my mom and her friends would gather and read for each other what the future had in store for them, whether that was with tarot cards, the latest set of handmade rune stones, or a simple hand of Gong Hee Fot Choy.

Naturally I chose ESP (extra-sensory perception) as the topic for my first research paper in 5th grade, highlighting the fact that my mom and I could frequently share our thoughts without speaking or finish each other’s sentences from time to time. Occasionally she would bring me along to Pearls of Wisdom (the neighborhood book and mystic shop) to pick up some incense and crystals to place around our house to help increase our vibrations, and finally when I was 13 I got my first astrological birth chart reading from her good friend.

Intrigued and always wanting to learn more, my connection to spirit, otherworldly ideas, and a heightened awareness and empathy for others all helped plant the seeds which put me on my path today.

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#bloggoals Tue, 04 Apr 2017 01:25:07 +0000 WELCOME! First before I go off on any tangents, I just want to go over my intentions for this blog:

  1. Get to know each other better
  2. Share information about all things Sage & Soul
  3. Discuss healthy habits, food, my ever expanding ‘favorite things’, trends, myths, fears, and other lifestyle ‘experiments’
  4. Balance – family, life, energy – all of it!
  5. Random sources of inspiration
  6. Anything and everything else that comes up along the way!

It is meant to be lighthearted and fun, but just as in life, sometimes things may get serious. Regardless of the topic, I’m glad to have an ongoing dialogue, a place to share my thoughts, hear yours too and I hope that you enjoy following along with me in this show of life……

“It’s no easy road
this struggle and strife
We find ourselves in the show of life
What’s on the schedule
What’s on your plan
Do you ever ignore
What you don’t understand?

Don’t ask me ’cause I don’t know
I just fasten my seat belt wherever I go

It’s been perfectly planned
it’s completely insane
it’s a revolving cast
but it’s the same old game

Waves of people
They come and they go
Shine for a while
It’s a marvelous show

It’s a limited time that we exist
We slowly make our way into the mist

My thoughts are racing
I see faces of the friends that I recall
I’d like to take this time to thank you all”
“Show of Life” by Phish



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