I’m baaaaack!

Dude, I’m baaaaaaack! And even feeling like a real human! Time to make more time for myself and of course S&S…

Life happenings since I’ve been ‘out’:

  • I’ve reformulated many of my blends and also created a few new ones. I’ll review and introduce some in my next post, but if you can’t wait until then, you can pop over to the Shawn Paul Salon and see for yourself!!!


  • AUMMMMMMMM…………….I’ve also been delving deeper into vibrational healing using sound…..wow…..so awesome and perfect addition to your next session. I’ll be sampling some techniques soon with clients to get feedback and then start offering on a regular basis.


  • Also we now officially own every gadget possible, thanks to my husband’s addiction to technology (which I thought ended with magic sleep trackers, beer dispensers, hoverboards, suitcases with wi-fi/bluetooth (why??),etc.) – oh but this one takes the ‘cake’ – literally. Our Sunday ritual of homemade pancakes has now been upstaged by a pancake making robot. Sadly, my children are no longer impressed by my Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes – now they can dine on pancakes shaped like the Eiffel tower, storm troopers, Snoop Dog and of course when the mood calls, ‘The Dude’ abides….

  • OH and you know…….SURVIVING, raising 4 kids, and loving on this sweet thang….Ms. M 🙂
(photo cred Jane Ryan Photography)

Talk soon!:)



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