Raindrops on Roses

That’s right! Time to release Part I of my first ever, annual list of ‘favorite things’!

During the open house last week, I had a table set up with a zillion of my favorite books and a basket full of some of my favorite beauty items, giving some insider knowledge on what keeps me going……or glowing for that matter and things I really luuuuuurve using on a daily basis.

Here goes 1-5 (in no particular order):

1. Good Medicine Beauty Labs – Ashes

Labeled as ‘reincarnation cleansing grains’, I was a little skeptical at first, as it seemed kinda high mai, but once I started using it I was hooked. It’s essentially a powdered facial cleanser that you dump into your hand (with the scoop provided), add water, then apply the foamy

mixture to your face and scrub.  I use it almost every time I shower and just love it. Just be careful not to compromise the powder and keep the lid on once you’re done scooping.

2. True Natural Anti-aging Perfect Tan – Facial Self-tanner & Moisturizer 2 in 1

The number 1 thing people comment most on in terms of my looks is – MY TAN – ‘How are you so tan!’ ‘You’re tan looks so great!’…….I wish I could take credit and say it was my Mediterranean roots, but sadly that would be a lie.  I also wish I could let go of my tan addiction, but I just can’t…..(and oh how I’ve tried)…. at least these days I can safely fake it. This formula isn’t overly dark, it’s a very natural look and especially great for wintertime when other self-tanners can look too harsh. I also blend with my regular daytime serum and SPF too so that helps the color dissipate too.  All True Natural products claim to be cruelty-free and 100% free from harmful chemical ingredients. That’s enough of a win for me. (Note: they do also have a self-tanner for the body that gives awesome color, BUT it’s more of a production, as it’s thick, sticky and has a much stronger odor….so it’s more of a bedtime thing if you’re willing to take the time to do it)

3. True Botanicals – Fresh Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Light, fresh smell, color-friendly and only the good stuff as ingredients (like green tea and meadowfoam sea oil – whatever that is!). And does actually lather though which has always been the thing I miss most from non-SLS containing hair products.

4. Schmidt’s – Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant

Ugh! The world of dud ‘all natural’ deodorants. I could fill a small aisle with the ones sitting under my vanity sink right now (along with the ‘all natural’ toothpastes). BUT this one smells sooooo good and does actually work (when you remember to use it and re-apply – my apologies to those in early spin class last week!!!). Anyway, do yourself and your health a favor and make the switch to this….OH they do have other scents too, including more masculine ones, but this one is my favorite.

5. Sage & Soul Apothecary – Dew It All Day Hydrating Face & Body Mist

Ok, I may be biased, but this stuff is the s*&%…..my very own rosewater hydrating & toning creation. Fresh off the heels of my inspiring summer home with four kids (and it doesn’t even contain any vodka!), this one has been taking the cake with me lately.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but as much as I love the autumn/winter weather, the serious drop in humidity has my skin looking less peachy and more like the pile of ashes in our fire pit. However, a spritz of this here and there throughout the day has me back in business – think that ‘oh I just finished up my hot yoga class’ look….packed with white rose water, witch hazel, helichrysum (hella who?!), green tea extract and some other goodies……heavy hitting anti-inflammatory properties help tone & hydrate, maintain skin pH balance and it’s also chock full of antioxidants to help protect against those nasty free radicals. Spritz on and pat dry after washing and before moisturizing am/pm. (Available at the Shawn Paul Salon! Or by messaging me!)

So there you have HALF of it…….stay tuned for the rest…..

Peace!! And don’t forget to breathe and take some time for yourself this week!


Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for any of these ‘endorsements’, as I have no idea how that works and would rather just spread the love and share my joy of these things – however, for the amount of people I’ve referred for my self-tanning products, they really should be paying me at this point!


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