That moment……Part II

During the mid 1900’s, psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe patterns or connections between certain events or things not explained by causality, or in more simpler terms ‘meaningful coincidences.’ Whether you believe in synchronicity or not, we have all had moments in our lives that make us question the peculiar timing of things or events.

I am a firm believer that if you are following the path that you are meant to be on, the more you will notice these ‘meaningful coincidences’ appearing in your life.

So there I was, spring of 2012, living with my in-laws while waiting for our new house to be finished, working full time and raising a toddler. That summer was rough. It felt like we couldn’t catch a break – we had multiple deals fall through on the home we were trying to sell, I had suffered a traumatic miscarriage that almost cost me my life, and my husband’s health was also in question due to a series of odd scares.  As a means of coping, I started to focus more on running as an outlet, and of course my yoga practice. The upside is that everything that had happened made me realize how finite life can be and motivated me to stop putting things off that I had been contemplating for years. I applied for grad school after several years of debating my next career move and finally started researching yoga teacher training programs.

Unfortunately, most of the local yoga training programs I came across would require me to be away from my family for an entire weekend each month for almost a year. As a working mom, I already had enough guilt being away every single day, there was no way that I could justify additional time away from my family. I cherished my weekends with them.

Then one day at work I was talking to a fellow yogi in passing and she mentioned she had taken a class at Cleveland State and she was on her way to start teaching. I later came to find out this ‘class’ was a training offered through a company called YogaFit and was just being hosted at Cleveland State.  So I researched and found that YogaFit offers trainings all over the country and you can complete each level of training at your own pace toward your 200 hours. YES! This was exactly what I needed. No pressure to complete in 9 months (or sometimes less) and I could choose the times that would work best for our family and budget. I immediately signed up for the next Level I course being offered in Ohio.

As my training weekend was approaching, my husband once again had another health scare and ended up going to the hospital. There was no way I could leave for my training with everything that was going on. I would always put family first, but I still couldn’t help but feel defeated. Was this a sign? Maybe this wasn’t the right time for me to start my training?  So I cancelled my training and instead signed up for the Race for the Cure team for work that weekend. I would bring my son and I could push him in the jogger and we would run together.

To keep my spirits up that morning of the race, I rolled out one of my yoga mats outside in the grass and began to practice………

and there it was……right in the corner of my mat, one that I had been using in my rotation literally for the last 9 years and never once, ever noticed this little sticker until that day.


I looked up to the sky, smiled and just laughed and laughed and laughed.


I rescheduled my training for the following month.


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