“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.”
John Burroughs, Naturalist


For thousands of years, shamans, healers and medicine men alike have turned to the plants, flowers, trees, seeds and shrubs in nature for their abundance of resources which help stimulate the senses and encourage healing. Fortunately we no longer need to forage through the woods to find these amazing resources, in particular, the essential oils distilled from such.

The therapeutic properties of essential oils is nearly endless. There are hundreds of oils available that stimulate the body’s natural immune responses and support the healing of a variety of conditions all the way from the common cold to hormonal imbalances.

Based on my passion for aromatherapy along with formal studies and training, I have created a line of essential oil based products to help incorporate the benefits of these little treasures into daily life. Working intuitively with the oils and other materials, each Sage & Soul blend has been crafted with love, knowledge, intention, and for the highest good of their users. Oils are sourced only from ethically/morally responsible distributors, those with the highest quality standards and least environmental impact. Additionally, all other materials used in Sage & Soul products are certified organic whenever possible and available.


The most current line of Sage & Soul products are available for sale at the Shawn Paul Salon in Cleveland Heights and Taproot Yoga in Chardon.


Please note, while the convenience of these pre-made blends takes the guesswork out for those new to the world of essential oils, I am also truly passionate about working 1:1 with individuals to come up with customized blends using a holistic approach which can help address multiple concerns if necessary. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing anything from the current line or would like to work together to create your very own blend.